Dr. Datuk Agung Sidayu,MBA (Knight of Malta)

Dr. Datuk Agung Sidayu,MBA (Knight of Malta)

Chairman of YPI Wira Tata Buana, Special Consultative Status in ECOSOC UNITED NATIONS, Honorary Consul of Sierra Leone in Indonesia


My connection with Maskumambang, is a unique connection, how could? Even though I studied formally for only one year, but a forging for only 360 days has matured my religious life forever.

Maskumambang and its Grand Chancellor KH Najich Achjat, became a teacher in my long life education, not only related to the core of religious life “monotheism”, but also related to independence in addressing life, namely freedom of learning, freedom of opinion, freedom of thought, freedom of action, and of course freedom of spirit. The grand Chancellor of Maskumambang even became an idol in my life, his death was a great loss after the death of my parents.

One time, when the Minister of Religious Affairs Dr. Surya Dharma Ali was prevented by some community leaders for attending Maskumambang, which they called Wahhabi, I defended that KH. Najich Achjat, just a teacher who forged the strength of monotheism, who during my study to this day (at that time), never blamed anyone, and if it were called Wahhabi, then he was an uncontaminated Wahhabi, and the Minister was pleased to be present, without considering the babble of people.

Now with the passage of time, Maskumambang became a formidable formal educational institution and increasingly moving forward under the leadership of KH. Fatich, who has been fostered and stayed up by KH. Najich Achjat to replace him. His leadership has become something should be accepted and supported positively, the same supports to the leadership of K.H Najich Achjat after his Father in law K.H Ammar Fakih.

Maskumambang became something very important, for Imam Rasyidi’s extended family, so that none of my children did not study here even though it was only at the elementary school level. And like me, they also have a religious life with full awareness.

Last but not least, is that Maskumambang has given birth to a tough education fighter Dr. Abd Salam Rasyidi, a true bureaucrat Dr. Amich Alhumami, MA, and of course I myself, who although I have tasted various Islamic Boarding Schools, but my answer is Maskumambang and its Grand Chancellor KH. Najich Achjat, when asked, where did you learn?